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Why is the 'Password Reset' Link not working?
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are a few possible causes for the 'Forgot Password' link on HMIS login to not work as expected.

You are not on the Correct ServicePoint Site

Make sure you are attempting to log in and/or reset your password at the correct site. If you do not see a URL that begins with "" in your browser's address bar then you are on the wrong site.

Your Account is Locked

After 3 failed login attempts your account will automatically lock and require a System Administrator to unlock your account. To prevent this please attempt a password reset before your third attempt.

Another cause for an account to lock would be expiration of your HMIS user account. HMIS user agreements are sent out prior to expiration and require the signature of the user, direct supervisor, and the Agency's Executive Director or equivalent position. Please get these signed and returned prior to your account expiration to avoid an unnecessary account lockout.

The Password Reset Email is in your Spam Folder

Because the HMIS password reset is a relatively new system some email providers may see it as untrusted and place it into your Spam or Junk folder. Please check these locations and be sure to mark it as Not Spam or Junk to hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.

Incorrect or No Email Associated with your account

If HMIS does not know the correct email address associated with your account it will not be able to send you a password reset link. If you believe the email address is incorrect or absent please open a ticket for password reset. Once you have regained access to HMIS please update your Profile Information by following this procedure:

  1. Click the gear icon located beside your name in the upper right hand corner of HMIS.
  2. Within your HMIS User Profile, double check that the listed email address is correct. This will be the email address that reset passwords will be sent to. Add a direct phone number too if it's not there!
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